STS 69 | Living With Confidence

Reflecting Confidence: Be The You You Want To See In The Mirror With Ebony Moore

Living life with confidence is easier said done. When you’ve gone through the thick of life, it’s hard to push through and come out the other end. But it is possible. Ebony Moore is a powerhouse in motivational speaking, women empowerment, and self-confidence. She is a certified coach, CEO of the Enchanted Reflections Modeling Studio, and host of podcast. She joins Jen Du Plessis to share her inspiring story of finding that confidence and now helping others do the same. Listen in for an enlightening and moving conversation on fostering self-love and becoming the reflection you want to see in the mirror.

STS 67 | Vision Letters

How To Stay On Track With Your Goals Through Vision Letters With Carey Conley

Everyone has dreams, but what are you doing to stay on track in achieving those dreams? Well, by writing vision letters, you can visualize your dreams in detail and set up a timeline to achieve them. Joining Jen Du Plessis today is nationally recognized speaker, author, entrepreneur, and vision coach, Carey Conley. She specializes in helping women create life-changing vision letters to empower them in achieving their goals and dreams in life. The magic happens when you write them out. Carey also shares how she overcame the big walls in her life that were once obstacles on her path to realizing her life’s purpose. We all have a calling. It’s all a matter of identifying them and knowing how to pave the way to achieving them. If you want to learn more about how to stay on top of your goals and stay true to your calling, keep your ears glued to this episode!

STS 29 | Living Your Dream

The Six Habits To Creating The Life Of Your Dreams With Laura DiBenedetto

  You would have thought that having achieved the fancy house and all the money would make you the happiest person in the world. However, it was not so for Laura DiBenedetto. Laura had everything she could ever want, but getting to the finish line wasn’t any better than an ordinary Wednesday, leaving her feeling like something is missing. On a quest to figure out what the happiest people have in common, she developed the six habits to creating the life of your dreams. Join Laura and Jen Du Plessis in this episode of Success to Significance. — Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here The Six Habits To Creating The Life Of Your Dreams With Laura DiBenedetto I have a fun episode planned for us. I’m sure it’s going to go in that way because I had this wonderful pleasure of meeting our next guest, Laura DiBenedetto.…

STS 16 | Personal Development

An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Personal Development With J.L. (Jani) Ashmore

  The road to becoming and finding success as an entrepreneur can be quite exhausting. Later on, in the sunset of our careers, we might even fall into a slump. One great way to overcome that is by having that guidance with our personal development. In this episode, Jen Du Plessis sits down with J.L. (Jani) Ashmore—an author, international speaker, and consultant—to talk about the inside job entrepreneurs also need to work on to get unstuck from that place of feeling unfulfilled. She shares with us the areas she collectively calls VALUES that can help us fully live our lives and move closer to our fullest potential. As much as we physically strive to achieve success in each of our businesses, it is important to keep what is within ourselves in check. Get inside this great conversation to realign yourself with your business and more. — Watch the episode here Listen…