Jen speaking in blue dress with transparent background

"It's all the little choices in life that get you where you want to go, not the big ones."

- Lady Jen Du Plessis

Jen speaking in blue dress with transparent background

"It's all the little choices in life that get you where you want to go, not the big ones."

- Lady Jen Du Plessis

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Jen believes that entrepreneurs can Live their Legacy while Building it, and it’s time break free from the daily grind with strong leadership skills and powerful teams.

It’s time to move from working IN and ON your business to living ABOVE and BEYOND your business.

Private & Group Mentoring

Jen provides both private and group mentoring to help you grow your business to the next level. Jen works with business owners and sales professionals, helping you identify your roadblocks and challenges to fine tune your business.


Jen's courses are designed to help you take your business to the next level with online and private guidance. The courses will help you grow your business, increase your income, find new business opportunities, and more.

Masterminds & Retreats

Jen hosts a Mastermind and several retreats throughout the year. Through the Mastermind, you work with like-minded people to learn how to scale and grow your business. Jen's retreats focus on working together through limiting beliefs and creating breakthroughs personally and professionally while having fun!

Online & In-Person Events

Jen regularly holds online and in-person events (such as the Limitless Event) to help you break through your glass ceiling and increase sales, productivity, and products!


Jen Du Plessis has made a tremendous difference in my business. Before taking her course and coaching with her, I was still trying to make my past business and marketing plan work – which was a disaster. I even had thought of just thought of closing my business. Fast forward 9 months and I have more clients and many relationships with key, strategic partners. My business continues to grow since I am laser-focused and using my time wisely, which means more income, much less stress, and more time with the family. I would recommend Jen to anyone who wants to improve their business and take it to higher levels. She is the best.
Joan Coullahan
Certified Financial Divorce Specialist
Jen Du Plessis is one of the best female speakers I have worked with. She has a way of mentoring and coaching her audience from stage, in person or through radio that simplifies the steps they need to grow their business, while motivating and inspiring them to take action. As a woman, she is full of integrity and truly cares about her clients and their ultimate success and happiness. I highly recommend Jen, both professionally and personally.
Allison Hildebrandt Larsen
Speaker, Author, Host of Spotlight: The Allison H Larsen show and Founder of the Speakers Coalition
In all of my contacts with Jen Du Plessis, she’s approached every opportunity or challenge from the standpoint of finding the highest and best outcomes for us all. When you can work from that foundation of trust, everyone comes out a winner. Thank for being who you are Jen!
Thomas Gay
Jen is the perfect blend of old school best practices and cutting edge business building techniques. She’s a mindful trainer and great human being worthy to be on anyone of my boards or anyone of my stages.
David Fagan
President, Top Talent Agency
Jen Du Plessis is an absolute leader! She has a heart of gold and always seeks to lift those around her up. Jen has her priorities straight and maintains impeccable integrity.
Samuel Knickerbocker
Legacy & Wealth Strategist
Jen is a knowledgeable and generous professional. A rare combination these days. I enthusiastically recommend searching for and attending one of her future events. I plan to be a repeat “customer.
Mike Taylor
CEO Flags of Valor

Vision Retreats and Excursions.

A relaxing place to plan and focus on your business!

The opportunity to work through limiting beliefs and roadblocks and gain clarity and direction to launch and excel in 2023, so that you can be fully prepared to move from working IN and ON your business to working ABOVE and BEYOND your business; and then we will be masterminding and focusing on each attendee’s business to help one another move forward exponentially, and

You will have the chance to meet and mastermind with some special guest partners who will be participating in a portion of the event, and lastly because we are combining the mastermind with a retreat, we have some super exciting activities to create mindset and belief breakthroughs, and most importantly make great friends and fun memories!