STS 67 | Vision Letters

How To Stay On Track With Your Goals Through Vision Letters With Carey Conley

Everyone has dreams, but what are you doing to stay on track in achieving those dreams? Well, by writing vision letters, you can visualize your dreams in detail and set up a timeline to achieve them. Joining Jen Du Plessis today is nationally recognized speaker, author, entrepreneur, and vision coach, Carey Conley. She specializes in helping women create life-changing vision letters to empower them in achieving their goals and dreams in life. The magic happens when you write them out. Carey also shares how she overcame the big walls in her life that were once obstacles on her path to realizing her life’s purpose. We all have a calling. It’s all a matter of identifying them and knowing how to pave the way to achieving them. If you want to learn more about how to stay on top of your goals and stay true to your calling, keep your ears glued to this episode!

STS 60 | The Model

The Model: Empowering Women To Unparalleled Success With Jessica Mejia

  There are moments in life where we think that the easiest way to face a problem is by tearing ourselves down. But this should not be the case. Instead, we should learn how to be more kind to ourselves. Jessica Mejia has been through her share of life-changing challenges that, although making breakdowns tempting, helped her see why self-care and love are even more important. In this episode, she joins Jen Du Plessis to talk about the poignant story that led her to the success she is now. At the heart of it is Brooke Castillo’s The Model, a process that allows you to see the thoughts that are serving you and learn to create new ones, a.k.a. neuroplasticity. Jessica shares how it taught her to recognize the things that are no longer serving her and to respect and strengthen her body. Now, as a life coach and Founder and CEO…

STS 48 | Resilient Leader

Becoming A Resilient Leader In The 21st Century With Regeline Sabbat

  Having a resilient mindset helps you overcome so many things in life, especially in this time and age. With what is happening to the current environment worldwide, it is vital for leaders to develop resilience to help themselves and others face trials and tribulations and keep fighting. In this episode, joining Jen Du Plessis to talk more about becoming a resilient leader in the 21st century is Regeline Sabbat, a first-generation Haitian American, motivational speaker, best-selling author of GOD First, life coach, the host of Walk With Me Podcast on JRQTV, and domestic violence advocate. Regeline opens up about her resilience story and how she moved from success to significance despite being a victim of sexual assault at a very early age. — Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here Becoming A Resilient Leader In The 21st Century With Regeline Sabbat My guest is a first-generation Haitian American, motivational speaker,…

STS 38 | Life Transitions

Life Transitions: Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself With Danielle Rocco

  There is no failure. We don’t win or lose; we only constantly evolve and tweak ourselves to be the best version at the moment and then apply that to anything in our life. This has been the story of Danielle Rocco’s life. Danielle is a mother, wife, and lifelong entrepreneur. She grew up as a professional ballerina and worked for her family’s gymnastics school at the age of 18. After 23 years of being the CEO, Danielle left the business to follow her passion as a life coach and relationship expert. Catering to CEOs initially, she soon realized her heart and mission were serving the military and veterans. On today’s show, Danielle joins Jen Du Plessis to talk about overcoming the challenges she had during her life transitions. She also talks about the work she’s doing as a life coach in helping people get clarity on what they want…