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The Balancing Act

By Lady Jen Du Plessis

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Step Into The Spotlight

Discovering self-awareness, purpose, desires, and values in your personal life is essential to understanding what you need in both your personal and business lives. However, this self-awareness must be coupled with an understanding that none of these can be sacrificed for the sake of another. Equally as important, none of these can be sacrificed for your professional realm, and vice versa. Instead, they should, or could, be temporarily rearranged depending on their priority level at the time.
Much like your personal life, managing time spent on tasks related to your professional world is crucial to your overall growth. Whether it is time spent with your friends or family, nurturing a new interest or hobby, or simply investing in quality time for yourself when focusing on professional development, it’s important to remember that energy spent on your personal life can’t take over that spent on your professional life. And vice versa, of course.
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