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How would you like to be a featured guest expert on the longest running podcast int he mortgage space and one of the Top 1% of Apple Podcasts, getting your message out to tends of thousands?

Mortgage Lending Mastery reaches listeners in more than 150 countries, is syndicated in over 85 locations such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google, Anchor, and many, many more, and has over 1 million downloads to-date. This weekly podcast attracts a broad spectrum individuals seeking both personal and professional development.

The audience continues to grow through word-of-mouth, social media marketing, cross-promotions, and an aggressive online presence. This means that your exposure will go far beyond the podcast itself, being shared to tens of thousands more followers on other platforms.

If you’ve got a message that you want people to hear – what are you waiting for?


There are two vital aspects of brand promotion: Reach and Frequency (R & F). One without the other is like padding a rowboat with one oar – you feel like you’re moving, but it’s mostly in circles. If you really want to sell more books, attract more clients, or simply grow your influence, you need both.

Apply today to be a GUEST and SPONSOR!

We'll introduce you to our audience in an episode that sets you up as the expert you are.

We'll talk about your work, your programs, your offer - whether it's a book, a product launch, and online course, or you just want to make an impact in the world. We'll provide access links for our listeners to reach out to you directly.

Then, we'll follow that episode by 2 to 5 more with YOU as the sponsor.

In each of these additional episodes, our host, Lady Jen Du Plessis, will continue to inform and remind our tribe about what a great offer you have and how they can access it immediately.

Frequency is a vital key in maximizing conversion, as the audience will now begin to remember your name and we continue to provide them with more opportunities to take you up on your offer.

Guest Appearance Options

Please review the options below and decide which one best suits your promotional needs. If you are not accepted as a guest/sponsor, your investment will be immediately refunded.
30-Minute Conversation
Affiliate Offers Only
Website Mention
Social Media Promo
Most popular
30-Minute Conversation
Make a Paid Offer
5 Episode Sponsorship Pkg
Multiple Website Mentions
8X Social Media Promo
Facebook Live "Beyond the Podcast" interview
30-Minute Conversation
Make a Paid Offer
2 Episode Sponsorship Pkg
Multiple Website Mentions
5X Social Media Promo

Podcast Advertising

If you opt for the Premium or Prestige Package, your sponsorship spot will contain both a 15-second pre-roll and a 60-second mid-roll ad. Both will be read by the host and will be based on script copy that you provide. They will be edited to fit naturally with the speaking style of our host and may vary from episode to episode. Note: Your host is not a professional voice-over talent. 

These sponsorship spots are IN ADDITION to your recorded episode, and will air on subsequent shows upon release. 


Unlike other podcasts, we do NOT “stitch” our sponsor spots! Stitching is when your ad is replaced after an agreed upon period of time (usually about six weeks). At Mortgage Lending Mastery, your customized sponsorship spot will remain there for as long as the show continues to run. This means more and more listeners, month after month, year after year, without ever having to pay another dime.

New subscribers to our podcast often go into the archive and binge on episodes released years ago. This creates an extra win for you, the sponsor!

Click the “Apply Today” button and you will be taken to the appropriate application and checkout page. There you will find more details about the specific package you have selected, as well as upgrade options, if applicable.Payment is required at the time of the application and will be refunded immediately if you are not accepted as a guest.Upon acceptance, you will receive further instructions to book your segment with our host.If you wish to sponsor more than 5 episodes, please reach out and let us know. We have packages of 10 and 20 spots available for select sponsors.

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