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Meet Jen

Known as The Impact Mentor, Jen is the Leading Expert in Creating World Class Teams. Jen works with high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs earning 6-figures who are looking to up their game to reach 7-figures a year.

Mortgage Lending Mastermind

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What's everyone saying about Jen?


Colleen Biggs

Impact Coach, Founder Lead Up for Women


Jen is a confident trailblazer and wins because she has learned from her failures and refuses to take any other path! She truly dedicates her life to making the lives of others a success. The word “Spark” in her message fits her perfectly.


Andrew Steel

President of Flicks4Change and
Star of Wish Man Movie


Jen is a truly impressive woman. From the moment I met Jen, she has been warm, charismatic, and supportive. She goes above and beyond to provide value to causes that have the potential to make a real difference in this world.


Christine Beckwith

President & COO,
20/20 Vision


Jen comes with incredible energy and knowledge and with the combination of those two things she is a lethal weapon. When I tell you she brings the power, the knowledge, and the ability to execute and engage, you will find few other people that will do it at her level.


Gerald Rogers

Strategic Coach and founder, The Mentor Academy


Jen Du Plessis is a powerful speaker and mentor that has earned her wisdom through years and years in the trenches, building her career as a top leader in the mortgage industry. She has a unique capacity to share systems and knowledge to help top producers know how to scale their business so they can dominate in their industry while still enjoying the lifestyle that they love.


Samuel Knickerbocker

Legacy &
Wealth Strategist


Jen Du Plessis is an absolute leader! She has a heart of gold and always seeks to lift those around her up. Jen has her priorities straight and maintains impeccable integrity.


Sam Parker

CEO of
My Credit Guy


I’ve known Jen for a decade now. I’ve seen her be a Top Producing Loan Officer and I’ve seen her in action as a Coach and Speaker. In whatever role she is in, she provides unrivaled value and knowledge to her clients. She exudes confidence but in a way that invites others to join her in success and growth. I’m glad to call her friend and I’m lucky to learn from her in business.

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You work for yourself, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Join me, along with other phenomenal entrepreneurs, in this life-changing membership, where you will see proven ways to bigger profits without sacrificing your family time.

Join me for the Mortgage Lending Mastermind membership.

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