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Before Submitting Your Application – Be Sure to Read the Interview Protocol at the Bottom of this Page.

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Before Submitting Your Application -
Please Read the Interview Protocol Below

Interview Protocol

What you can expect (and not expect) from your time on the show.

1  The Audience is King (and Queen)
Mortgage Lending Mastery is here to serve the audience first. This means that if we determine that you (or your subject matter) are not a fit for the listeners, we’ll let you know and immediately refund your application fee. If this happens, please don’t take it as criticism or judgement. Our listeners have grown to expect a certain type of guest, and we want to mention this expectation.

2  The Host is the Sergeant at Arms
In other words, Lady Jen Du Plessis is calling the shots during the interview, asking the questions, and directing the flow. It is a conversation between two people – and NOT a monologue where you will deliver your prepared (aka “canned”) 20-minute speech. If there are certain questions you would like to be asked, please provide them in advance of the interview. We reserve the right to pick and choose whether to use your questions or stick with our own. We do ask that you trust the process. Jen has interviewed thousands of people in various formats  – she’ll bring out the best of you.

3  This is NOT a Pitch-Fest
It is totally acceptable for the conversation to cover what it is you are currently offering, be it a new book, your flagship course, or even private coaching sessions with you. However, this is NOT an audio sales letter! Our listeners tune in for the value they receive from the wisdom of the guests; therefore, make sharing your priority. We can briefly discuss your book or program (and books tend to get more air-time simply because of their breadth), but we will not dwell on it. It is recommended that you have a terrific lead-magnet (free gift) that you can offer to the listeners. This will convert better than trying to sell something directly to them, and it will help you to grow your list. Keep in mind: if Jen feels you are trying to sell too much during the interview, she will direct the conversation elsewhere.

4  Guarantee
While we cannot guarantee that your message will resonate with our audience, or that you’ll generate thousands of new leads from your episode with us – we do guarantee this: if your application is not accepted, or (if accepted, and) your episode never airs – we will refund 100% of your application fee. NOTE: if accepted and you conduct yourself in the interview with disregard to items 1 through 3 above, your episode will never air, and you will be refunded immediately upon that determination. We’re not saying this to be mean, but to be respectful of our audience. We value their choice in subscribing to our show, and we will do everything we can to keep them here for the long haul.

5  Cross-Promotion
Since you are paying for the opportunity to be exposed to our audience, we do NOT expect you to promote the episode to your own followers. That said, we highly recommend that you DO. For starters, it offers the potential to reiterate your message to your followers in a new way that perhaps they haven’t heard before. It reinforces and reminds them of the products and/or services that you offer. AND it increases their awareness of you as an authority in their eyes, as they get to hear you on a top-rated Podcast. But even more importantly – we monitor our downloads thoroughly. So much so, that we know what to expect without any promotional support from outside of our own efforts, and we can tell very easily when a guest is sharing their episode. AND we reward that!

Here’s how: We run constant promos on nearly all of our episodes and will continue to promote the heck out of our most downloaded episodes for months (even years) to come. And, of course, there are only two ways to get in the top-ten: (1) be a really famous guest, or (2) promote the show to your followers to the best of your ability. Episodes with the lowest recorded downloads go into the archive file and receive the least promotion.

6  Release Timing
Mortgage Lending Mastery reserves the right to release the episode at any time. Our current interview release calendar ranges from 3 weeks to six months at any given time. This means that your episode is unlikely to go “live” before that time frame. If you have time-specific needs in order to coincide with a book release or a program launch, we highly recommend that you upgrade to a Premium or Prestige Package so that you will receive Tier 1 or Tier 2 priority scheduling.

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