Limited availability!

Only 30 authors will be in this book.

Author Fee : $997


Video Interview

Each Author will be interviewed by Jen. The interview will be provided to the reader, at the end of each chapter, using a QR Code that can be utilized for marketing, social media, and your media kit.

Social Media Campaign

The book will be promoted and featured on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for 90 days before and after the release date, to provide even more exposure for each author.

Digital Flyer

Each Author will receive a professional and personalized meme, various book cover options, and a collage of all authors to increase proximity to others.

Expanded Opportunities

If you have never been involved in a compilation book, one of the best benefits is meeting and developing new relationships and opportunities with the other authors.

Examples Include: Podcast interviews, Podcast swaps, other compilation book opportunities, speaking, Affiliate and Joint Venture relationships, Masterminds, Retreats, Mentoring, Partnerships, and so much more!

Book Signing Events

We plan to have 3 book signing events in 2023 - West coast, East coast, and Mid-west.

Authors are encouraged to attend any and all of these events.

Authors from Volume One will also be invited to attend, thus expanding your network further.


Each author will be a guest on one of Jens Top-Rated podcasts to continue exposure and expansion of your brand.

This is a powerful way to reach people who need to hear your message.

This is an exciting opportunity too reach a wide audience and make a difference in the world.

Each chapter will consist of 4 total pages:

  • Page 1: Your Acronym
    ~The Word or Letters. It can be fun, business, spiritual, health, wealth, or another category.
  • Pages 2 & 3: Your Chapter
    ~Description of the use of your acronym, how it can help people, inspire people, impact in peoples’ lives.
    ~1500-1700 words
  • Page 4: Your Information
    ~Headshot, full contact details, lead magnet, social media URLs, and QR Code with link to interview with Jen.

As an author in the Impact: Inspiring Motivational Powerful Acronyms for Cognitive Thinking Volume two book, you will receive 10 books will be provided for personal use and marketing.

This is an amazing opportunity to have your work read by people all over the world, and to help motivate and inspire them with your words. In addition, this book will be a great marketing tool for you as an author. It will help you to sell more books and to build your brand.

  • Organizer provides foundational promotion and marketing to drive the book to best-seller status. Books will be sold for .99 cents during the launch.
  • Author accepts responsibility to market, promote & drive sales of the book before, during, and after release as well.
  • Pre-Book Launch Promotion – Email swipe copy, social media content, hashtags, and promotional graphics will be provided for promotion.
  • Amazon – IMPACT will be listed on with your details shown as a contributing author.
  • Volume Two will be available in both paperback and digital
  • All authors will be listed on the physical book
  • Authors may provide audio readings of their chapters for inclusion in the digital book
  • Each author will receive 10 complimentary books for personal use and promotion
  • Additional books will be available at a discounted rate at the time of release

Author Fee: $997

Limited availability Only 30 authors will be in this book.