Jen’s course helped me with the jumping off point to ensure I wouldn’t end up being a 10/1 loan officer but rather someone who has built their business every year for 10 years.

Love her energy, frankness, honesty and sincerity in how she runs her practice in helping her clients.  She is so generous!

I joined Ignite in March of 2019. So much value to my practice. She brings everything in a cohesive way.  Building relationships with others in the coaching has been so great for me.

Her mini-courses are fantastic!  One of them alone has helped me differentiate myself from with partners and has excelled my results.

She challenges me when I need to be and supporting me when I need that as well.  I’m looking forward to learning more and reaching my  next level, so much faster than I could have ever done on my own! Thank you so much!

Jennifer Otto

Since starting coaching with Jen, I feel a sense of calm entering my life. She  helped me identify places where my staff needed to “step up to the plate” andcontinues to help  me become more efficient andproductive. My fundings are higher than ever and I’mnow top in my  company!

Ana C. TolentinoSenior Loan Officer

I have read her book and have monthly coaching sessions with her. I have been able to get my daily tasks aligned more with what she teaches in her book. I have become more in demand instead of on Demand. I write down my tasks nightly, review in the morning. Prioritize my calling times and action times as mentioned in her book. I am working with Realtors better on time frames. I am consistent on my loans each month, averaging 5 loans a month now 1.5 mill avg. My sleep patterns are better since I dump onto a notepad at night before bedtime. I do my workouts better, I journal more consistent. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have received from Jen Du Plessis. Jen is so nice and cares about your success so much. I highly recommend her book Launch it will change the way you look at business and daily routines.

David ProvostMortgage Consultant

I just want to say thank you for caring enough to ask the hard question. That is why I chose to work with you over the XXXXXX style “beat you up” type programs.

Holly Hayes

I have been working with Jen now for almost a year.  Jen is an absolute wealth of knowledge.   She shares so many strategies that would take my hours and days to re-create. I also really love Jen’s style and the way she speaks.  She is very authentic and it is easy for me to adapt her scripts because they come across the way I would want to be heard without feeling like I am trying to sell someone.  I would highly recommend Jen for anyone looking to grow their business, deliver a better loan experience or get more organized.

Corbin OlsonBranch Manager

Jen Du Plessis has made a tremendous difference in my business. Before taking her course and coaching with her, I was still trying to make my past business and marketing plan work – which was a disaster. I even had thought of just thought of closing my business. Fast forward 9 months and I have more clients and many relationships with key, strategic partners. My business continues to grow since I am laser-focused and using my time wisely, which means more income, much less stress, and more time with the family. I would recommend Jen to anyone who wants to improve their business and take it to higher levels. She is the best.

Joan CoullahanCertified Financial Divorce Specialist

I have had the great pleasure of experiencing many of the gems that Jen shares in her speaking, writing and trainings. She is a true professional with insightful and actionable wisdom that can be learned, applied and converted into life and business success.

Brett LabitCo-founder of