Jen’s course helped me with the jumping off point to ensure I wouldn’t end up being a 10/1 loan officer but rather someone who has built their business every year for 10 years.

Love her energy, frankness, honesty and sincerity in how she runs her practice in helping her clients.  She is so generous!

I joined Ignite in March of 2019. So much value to my practice. She brings everything in a cohesive way.  Building relationships with others in the coaching has been so great for me.

Her mini-courses are fantastic!  One of them alone has helped me differentiate myself from with partners and has excelled my results.

She challenges me when I need to be and supporting me when I need that as well.  I’m looking forward to learning more and reaching my  next level, so much faster than I could have ever done on my own! Thank you so much!