I met Jen Du Plessis backstage at the Caesar Palace stage in Atlantic City, New Jersey many years ago. And then I watched her step out and wow, the audience. Ever since that day, I have been a fan of Jen’s and I have watched her work with loan officers that I managed. I watched how she engaged them, how her tactical advice was not only practical but pointed and very lucrative for them to apply to their own businesses. Jen comes with incredible energy and knowledge and the combination of those two things she is a lethal weapon. I have read her book, Launch!, and I’ve suggested it to many of the professionals that I coach and have managed and they have too, and all of us have walked away with practical tips that I still use every day in my own business that I manage. I would highly recommend Jen for anything you’re doing. When I tell you she brings the power, the knowledge, and the ability to execute and engage, you will find few other people that will do it at her level.